Membership benefits

Your membership to SAACDHE enables you:

  1. to enjoy the benefits of the regional and national CPD activities.
  2. to join the annual conference at the member rate.
  3. to occupy positions as office bearers at the Regional and National level.

Procedure to join

The membership fees for the cycle is from 1st August 2018 to 31st July 2019, so that you may qualify for access to the regional CPD activities and the member rate for the annual conference. Please note the procedure as follows:

  1. Complete a membership application form for each new cycle.
  2. Complete the SAACDHE membership fee scale form (will be updated soon) reflecting all the details of the staff that you are applying for membership.
  3. Return both forms to Saloschini Pillay ( for an invoice to be generated.
  4. The invoice will be forwarded to you based on the names/numbers of staff applied for SAACDHE membership
  5. Your institution will use the invoice from SAACDHE to effect payment for membership.
  6. Your payment must have a reference, eg, [Name of institution -member fee 2018-2019] so that it may be identified and allocated as a payment from your institution.
  7. Once payment is made by your institution, forward proof of payment as per information on the Invoice.
  8. If payment is made after 31 July 2019 a penalty of 20% of the existing individual membership fee will be levied. After 31 July 2019 members who have not paid will forfeit all rights and privileges of the Association until outstanding fees have been paid.