Get to know… Dr Jack Mashiapata

Dr Jack Mashiapata is an Educational Psychologist who is currently the Director at the University of South Africa (Unisa) Directorate: Counselling and Career Development.  In this position, he most enjoys the mentorship programmes, including the training and development of counsellors. Additionally, he enjoys leadership development and providing leadership to his team. From his colleagues, he values good listening skills, patience, and being organised.

His professional areas of interest and specialisation include trauma interventions, career development and assessments, support for students with disabilities, academic support for student success and the general management of the counselling services.

Dr Mashiapata counts offering an HPCSA accredited workshop on Ethics, and writing a chapter on Trauma Debriefing in a Life Skills book several years ago, among numerous other highlights over years in the student counselling and support services.

Dr Mashiapata joined SAACDHE in 2001 as a student counsellor, when he had a desire and need to belong to an organisation where he could meet and develop through interaction and professional exchange with colleagues. He believes that one can contribute something of value given the opportunity, and therefore has served SAACDHE by being a regional chairperson, president-elect and president in 2010-2011 and 2017-2018. Not having missed a SAACDHE conference since becoming a member, Dr Mashiapata reports that each conference is a unique experience that he enjoys thoroughly.

The coming together of the professionals in student counselling and support services, and the sharing of ideas amongst one another is what excites the president most about SAACDHE as an organisation.

Dr Mashiapata celebrates his birthday on 27 January and if he is not working he spends his time relaxing and reading. His favourite book is the Bible.

The EMC would like to thank Dr Jack Mashiapata for his involvement in SAACDHE over the years, and especially for his admirable leadership during this term as the President of SAACDHE (2017-2018).