Executive Management Committee

From Left: Incoming President Dr Bunki Pitsoane, outgoing President Lynne Malan, outgoing PRLO Ilana Coetzee, incoming Administrative Coordinator Lekgowe Nono Thipe, incoming RTD coordinator Tobias van den Bergh, incoming President Elect Dr Joshua Ndlela, outgoing RTD coordinator Dr Henry Mason, Financial Coordinator Dr Saloschini Pillay, and incoming PRLO Lamese Chetty


Dr Bunki Pitsoane (University of South Africa)
E-mail: tlhabem@unisa.ac.za

President Elect

Dr Joshua Ndlela (University of South Africa)
E-mail: ndleljb@unisa.ac.za

Financial Coordinator

Dr Saloschini Pillay (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
E-mail: pillaysl@ukzn.ac.za

Research, Training and Development Coordinator

Tobias van den Bergh (Free State University)
E-mail: VanDenBerghTJ@ufs.ac.za

Administrative Coordinator

Lekgowe Nono Thipe (University of South Africa)
E-mail: thipelmm@unisa.ac.za

Public and Regional Liaison Officer

Ms Lamese Chetty (Stellenbosch University)
E-mail: Lamese@sun.ac.za