The Association represents the interests of counseling and development service providers in higher education and facilitates the holistic development and professionalism of staff in counseling and development centres. This is accomplished by providing a forum and structures for generating and sharing research-based and other relevant information and skills amongst members in Southern Africa.


The SAACDHE strives to be a dynamic and proactive network of counseling and development service providers within higher education in Southern Africa.


Our mission is to promote and protect the interests of counseling and development service providers and develop and monitor the delivery of counseling and development services at institutions for higher education in Southern Africa.

Guiding Principles

The core principles that guide the activities of the Association are:

  • Respect for human dignity and human rights.
  • The acknowledgement and celebration of human diversity.
  • The upholding of the ethical code of conduct of the Association.
  • The promotion of a spirit of goodwill and openness among members.

The SAACDHE aims to achieve its objectives by:

  • Identifying and monitoring members’ needs and concerns
  • Networking with relevant stakeholders in higher education
  • Advocating the interests of members and lobbying on their behalf
  • Promoting networking and information sharing amongst members
  • Facilitating training and development for members
  • Providing support to members and developing a database of knowledge and skills
  • Facilitating research to ensure effective service delivery
  • Providing direction in ensuring that services are aligned with higher education priorities
  • Providing best practice guidelines to promote professional and ethical service delivery
  • Providing accreditation and quality control services