Get to know the SAACDHE 2019 – 2020 President: Dr Bunki Enid Pitsoane

Nine years into being a SAACDHE member, Dr Pitsoane is excited to lead this 40-year-old organisation during her term as the President.

Trained as an Educational Psychologist she is most excited about her career and daily responsibilities in being able to listen and assist students so that they can reach their potential.

Her professional areas of interest / specialization as an educational psychologist, and a professional teacher, is vested in identifying and assisting learners and students with learning problems, so that they can be able to adjust in an educational setting. She loves to do career assessments to guide students into careers relevant to them as individuals. She has ventured into the theory of attachment, which she trusts talks to bonding and its effects in the socialization of individuals and in their adjustment in new environments.

This passionate president is a head of counselling based in Unisa Sunnyside Pretoria, where she is overseeing student-counselling services in the Florida, Vaal, Ekurhuleni and Johannesburg offices.  Her duties are to provide career-, academic- and personal counselling to students. She conducts dialogues and workshop such as women’s health, men’s’ health, and diversity to students. Lastly she trains student mentors and trainee Career Guidance Practitioners so that they can ease the workload and assist the students.

Should you want to treat our President, whose favourite colour is navy blue, you could take her to a spa for a body massage or join her at her favourite holiday destination in California San Francisco.  

Celebrating her birthday on 30 May, Dr Pitsoane is interested to attend training on ethics in social media. Her reason for being a member and leader of SAACDHE is to be able to benchmark our services with other institutions of higher learning and to keep abreast with what is happening in our profession.

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