The South African Association for Counselling and Development in Higher Education represents the interests of counseling and development service providers in higher education and facilitates the holistic development and professionalism of staff in counselling and development centres. This is accomplished by providing a forum and structures for generating and sharing research-based and other relevant information and skills amongst members in Southern Africa.

Message from the President’s Desk

We write as EMC amidst the Coronavirus attack on our homes; on the lives and livelihoods of our people; and on the production systems of our economy. We write to say, we are together with you even in these times of perplexing national pain. Firstly, we wish to thank the Government for its prudent management of the national COVID-19 response. We have observed in the experience of other countries, how devastating this can be if not wisely managed by government.

We applaud the President and the Minister of Health for the manner of their communication, keeping the country fully acquainted of developments and the necessary adjustments every step of the way. We appreciate the various Cabinet Ministers who have addressed the nation on their various aspects of the Disaster Management Plan. We applaud the scientific community, both here and at the World Health Organisation for the work they are doing in the face of a virus that is totally new to humanity; and we call on the nations of the world to support the WHO for the sake of all human society

We are in a new day, requiring new ways of thinking, of doing things especially offering therapy to our students, and yet the most primitive and old way of face to face interactions has been affected by social distancing and measures put into place to safe guard ourselves in the space we live in. However, we are all prisoners of hope and Hope will pull us through.

Finally, I believe we are all positive beings and people of hope! If ever there was a time for us to come together as one family of hope we can DO IT. This is not idle hope, it is informed hope if we do the right thing in minimising physical contact and helping those without the facilities to sustain proper hygiene. It is hope informed by good conscience and to exercise charity amongst our people.

Together we can do it!!!!
From the Desk of President

COVID-19 consent form for counselling